Our approach to successful transactions

We apply an approach tailored to the project owner’s goals and development requirements through the specifics of each project

Process steps

  • Determine the development steps of the project.
  • Set the goals and expectations of project onwer.
  • Contact potential investors/buyers and evaluate their interest.
  • Present potential investors/buyers to project owner.
  • Sign confidentiality agreements (NDA/NCA).
  • Receive (non-binding) offers.
  • Negotiation of detailed terms with selected candidates.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Agreement signing process.

Ingredients of transaction success

  • Access to a set of proven international institutional investors.
  • Pre-selection of reliable candidates.
  • Project management and handling/sharing of information.
  • Completion of transfer under the terms and conditions offered.

Ensuring a successful exit

  • Selection of investors with financial sufficiency and technical know-how to complete the project.
  • Determination of specific objectives that allow the establishment of trust in the trading parties.
  • Clearly defining the exit strategy and process and the necessary deliverables.
  • Structure of the Due Diligence phase based on recognized international practices.