Who we are

Upturn Solutions provides investment and advisory services for the licencing and project development of RES projects, especially Photovoltaic and Wind. Upturn has 25 years of experience in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), in the financial services sector and in Technology transformation services in Greece, London and Netherlands.


Our services

We specialize in the structuring of Photovoltaic and Wind investments, so that projects successfully reach Ready to Build (RtB) stage by meeting the necessary investments requirements for being attractive to institutional investors.

Upturn Solutions provides investment and consulting services for the project development , asset management and transaction services of RES and especially PV and Wind sectors.It can become your end-to-end investment partner in the development of RES (Photovoltaic & Wind systems)


Structure of Transactions

  • Project management in the development phase (Project Management & Licensing Development).
  • Financial Transaction Management.
  • Mergers & acquisitions (Mergers and Acquisitions).
  • Due Diligence.

Project Development & Financing

  • Project Planning and Development.
  • Structuring and securing project financing.
  • Construction & engineering design, procurement of construction materials, manufacturer selection specifications based on experience and bankability specifications of the project.
  • Supervision during the construction and operation of the project.

Performance and Operations Management

  • Commercial management.
  • Technical Monitoring and Management.
  • Operation & Performance Optimization.
  • Management consulting support.

If you have an interest in a green field photovoltaic project development or you already develop a license by yourself, which is at a mature stage of development and you wish either to sell it or to partner with a major shareholder, we can find out the ultimate solution for you.

We have a direct access to an extensive network of institutional and private investors. Our know how of the respective markets and the financial offerings enables us to provide solutions tailored to the risk profile of the investor.

The roles we can take on are::

  • Investor – we buy your project.
  • Project finance consultant – we secure the financial resources so that your project can be developed and then sold.
  • Partner in the project – We participate in the project by providing financial and advisory support until the completion of the licensing process.
  • We are partners acting alongside the owner/seller of the project and pursuing the same goals and objectives. We do not “broker” contacts.
  • We are representatives of the buyer/investor representing them at all stages of the due diligence process, completion of project development, successful transfer.
  • We pay attention to any detail of the project that can make or break a deal.
  • We stay close to the stakeholders (seller and buyer) of the project during licensing, ensuring the interests of either our project owner client for successful delivery, or the investor buyer.
  • We are already working with a major international investor, having the exclusive cooperation and responsibility for developing his portfolio in Greece.
  • We maintain important relationships with major international investors with a clear interest in developing RES investments in Greece and UK.
  • We stand by the stakeholders during licensing, ensuring the interests of our client/vendor, for the successful delivery of the project.
  • Our role is to be either your financial development partner of your RES projects or the financial and transaction advisor of the buyer/investor.
  • Through the extensive network of international res investment houses, we have direct access to a wide network of investors with different profiles; therefore the possibility of alternative proposals is multiplied.
  • We are developing a portfolio of photovoltaic projects >700 MWp in Greece on behalf of an international institutional investor.
  • Based on our experience to date we have:
    • developed 1GWp projects.
    • implemented Project Financing of €350MWp.
    • implemented debt financing for 300 MWp projects.
    • planned and participated in Transaction Management project transactions of 550 MWp in Europe.
  • We are an experienced team of professionals with a combined experience of over 25 years in delivering successful PV projects.
  • We have deep knowledge of the Greek and European market of photovoltaic systems and the entire licensing and financial structure as well as the corresponding procedures.