Our role

We become your financial partner in the development &/or transaction process of your project, contributing with our skills from the international project development and transaction management

Indicative roles we can take on:
  • Investor
    • Purchase projects at current stage or on a Milestone achievements basis
  • Project finance consultant
    • Secure the financial resources for the development and then sale of the project
    • Provide proposals for safe exit/sale of project rights in RTB phase
    • Provide all required support for the construction and operation of PV installations
  • Partner in the project
    • Advisory support until the completion of the licensing process
    • Due Diligence and completion of the sale of the project
    • Provision of funds and the necessary bonds and guarantees after agreement with the investor to put the projects in a state of readiness, ready to build (RTB)


We are partners acting alongside the owner/seller of the project and pursuing the same goals and objectives. We do not “broker” contacts.

We are representatives of the buyer/investor representing them at all stages of the due diligence process, completion of project development, successful transfer.

We pay attention to any detail of the project that can make or break a deal.

We stay close to the stakeholders (seller and buyer) of the project during licensing, ensuring the interests of either our project owner client for successful delivery, or the investor buyer.

Mobilizing an outstanding network of investors

We are already working with a major international investor, having the exclusive cooperation and responsibility for developing his portfolio in Greece.

We maintain important relationships with major international investors with a clear interest in developing RES investments in Greece and UK.

We stand by the stakeholders during licensing, ensuring the interests of our client/vendor, for the successful delivery of the project.